The first ever Labyrinth guitar. Dissentient #001

The first ever Labyrinth guitar. Dissentient #001

About Labyrinth

Our Story

In 2008 I discovered the world of luthiery and was absolutely hooked. I started researching the artform immediately and hand crafted my first guitar in 2011, under the guidance of my father who was a Carpenter. I started Labyrinth Guitarworks in 2013 in Red Deer, Alberta to offer set-ups and small repairs to local musicians. After making a few more guitars in 2014 as a hobby, I realized that it was much more than that. I had been designing new guitars that I was really thrilled with, these would later become the "Reverence" and "Dissentient" models in 2016. In early 2017 I dove head first into the world of Computer Aided Design and Computer Numerical Control machining to increase accuracy, repeatability and efficiency.  

Individually Crafted

Labyrinth Guitarworks specializes in individually crafted electric guitars and basses. By utilizing a combination of tried and true hand building techniques, computer aided design and CNC machining technology, Labyrinth Guitarworks can ensure exceptionally high accuracy, attention to detail and overall quality. We strive to make an original and cohesive instrument design that feels, looks and plays great. Something that can really help the player connect to their art at a higher level. 

Our Necks

 Our necks all use meticulously selected timbers along with carbon fiber stiffening rods and a low profile dual action truss rod. These building techniques make extra sure your neck does not warp over time while also making your guitar more durable and stable through humidity changes.

 All of the bolt-on necks coming out of the shop are using steel bolts and threaded inserts rather than the simple wood screw technique used by most manufacturers. Not only does this provide a stronger joint, using threaded inserts ensures that our necks are always perfectly aligned and never have a chance to shift in the pocket.

 Every fretboard gets blind fret slots. Cutting the fret slots just short of each edge of the fretboard provides a clean visual appeal reminiscent of a fretboard with binding. Not only does it look great but it helps prevent sprouting fret ends that can happen from the wood shrinking through humidity change.

 Since our custom guitars are individually crafted, we offer custom carved neck profiles currently at no extra charge. Labyrinth signature neck profiles are in the prototyping stages right now. Every guitar will have a refined all access neck joint, which means wether it's bolt-on or neck-thru, you will be comfortable going to fret 24. 

Our Options

Every Labyrinth model can get your choice of:

  • Scale Length(s) 
  • Fret #, Size and Style (Nickel, Evo Gold, Stainless Steel)
  • Any Suitable hardwood options
  • Chambering (With or without sound-hole)
  • Pickups
  • Electronics and Electronics Placement
  • Natural Finish (Hand rubbed oil and wax, UV cured high gloss)
  • Colored Finish (Hand rubbed stain, Trans-color gloss, Solid color)
  • Binding
  • Custom Inlays
  • Side Dot Material (glow in the dark, wood, shell, metal etc.)
  • Hardware Color 
  • Strap Buttons/Strap Locks
  • Bolt-On or Neck-Thru
  • Labyrinth Signature neck profiles or a custom neck profile at no extra cost

Certain models will have even more options to choose from! Please refer to our Models page or shoot us an email if there is something in specific you are looking for.